Welcome To The Cheap Seats!

The cheap seats: also known as the nose bleeds. You know them well, those ones at the very top of the stadium or in the very back of the balcony. Yes, those ones! The ones where it is seemingly okay to show up a few minutes late and leave a tad bit early. But, have you ever wondered where the best view of the stage is? You know, that place where you can see it all, while still understanding the complexities and detail needed to bring a production to life? That is our perception of the cheap seats! And it is the cheap seats where some of the best conversations can take place. Knowing all of that, we invite you to subscribe to our new podcast “Musings from the Cheap Seats.”

Musings from the Cheap Seats is our exploration of where art and life intersect. Through discussions with world class artists, performers, dancers, conductors, educators and more, each episode will bring to life our discussion and exploration of not only the arts, but the world around us. Our hope, is that we come to the realization that there is more that connects each of us, than divides us.

So subscribe today so you can be kept up to date on each new episode, take a listen, leave a review, and let us know who you would love to hear from.

Until then, we’ll save a seat for ya!!

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